A Tandem Bike in My Future?

My daughter and I rode our bikes along the Louisville Riverwalk on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, and she is a bit of a stronger rider than she was last time.

Dawn & Ohio River
Dawn & Ohio River

We had a picnic lunch, enjoyed the ride, and saw other cyclists.  We even saw a guy on a recumbent.  I wasn’t riding my recumbent at the time though.

When we returned back to the Waterfront Park area, we noticed the bike rental shop had tandems.  I have never ridden a tandem, so we decided to give it a try.

The bike was a single-speed, coaster-brake, cruiser style, and needed a little maintenance, but we were able to ride it without too much difficulty.  It was a blast.

So, maybe next year, I will buy a tandem for my daughter and I to ride together on.  It will also be handy if I meet “that special someone” who’s into biking.