Still Plugging Along

I’m still working at my weight loss, still losing weight, and still riding my bike.  I feel like there isn’t a lot to post about though.

Anyway, I’m only riding my bike to work three days this week.  I rode yesterday, today was a “lazy day”, I have other plans tomorrow and I need my car, and I plan on riding Thursday and Friday.

My weight has been hanging right at 243.6 lbs for three days.  There is no fluctuation at all.

I’ve been better with my eating, but I have had a six-pack of beer over the last four days.

Sometimes when there doesn’t seem to be much going on, I feel like I’m not making progress.  Then I pull up my spreadsheet, and I can see that I’m down 52.8 lbs.  I can also see that I’m down 16.6 lbs since June 30th when I started tracking my calories again.  So, really, I just need to keep doing what I’m doing for another 68.6 lbs.

2 thoughts on “Still Plugging Along”

  1. Good for you. Keep up the good work. I’ve recently begun trying to get myself into better shape. I started doing push ups and working in light yoga, light cardio, and balance exercises via Wii Fit. It’s not much but it’s a start. I haven’t really lost or gained weight but I am developing some better muscle mass so I’m okay with that.

    I’m thinking about re-evaluating my diet and putting myself on one but I imagine it’s not easy. Do you make your own excel sheets to keep track or do you use some software/website? If I remember correctly, you did list a website or two when you first started for keeping track of workouts and/or diets. Did you keep up with those?

  2. Michael,

    I made my own Excel spreadsheets. I have one tracking weight, one tracking everything I eat, one tracking calories eaten per day. It started simpler though. I used to track every workout or bike ride, but I’ve quit doing that. I do track miles ridden per week though.

    I used for a while. It allowed you to track a variety of things, but I quit using it, since I was already keeping all of that information in Excel.

    It sounds like you are off to a good start. You’ll build up to more cardio later.

    As far as food, don’t consider it a diet. It’s a change in how and what you eat. That change is permanent to help prevent re-gaining the weight later.

    I recommend you track what you currently eat for a while to get a feel for what your current calorie consumption is. There are a few different websites that can help with that. I use to look-up calorie information for various foods.

    Once you realize what you are actually eating, then decide what calorie level you should be at. This is different for everyone.

    I don’t recommend having any food that your not allowed to have. I still drink beer once in a while. I might have a soda twice a year or so. I definitely still eat ice cream. I do, however, track the calories, and eat smaller servings. I also eat low-carb for dinner. Not all meals, just dinner.

    Pick food that you will be happy eating, because it’s not a temporary thing.

    There will be adjustments, and you may even learn to like a few new foods.

    Good Luck!

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