What I Eat, A Typical Day

What I eat now is a bit different than what I was eating before I was bicycling.  Also, much of my recent content has been bicycle related, and that’s not what this blog is really supposed to be about.

Today I consumed about 1720 calories:


  • Kashi GoLean Crunch w/ skim milk
  • Banana
  • Vanilla Yogurt

This is actually a bit heavier than my normal breakfast.  I do find the fiber in the cereal to be good for keeping me full.  It also has quite a few carbs for energy.  Bananas provide potassium, and the yogurt gives extra calcium… and I really like it.


  • Sliced chicken lunchmeat sandwich on rye bread w/ swiss cheese
  • A bunch of grapes

Yes, I have some lunch-making supplies at work.  I usually have a sandwich and fruit.  Sometimes it’s grapes, sometimes it’s bananas.  The sliced chicken, cheap lunchmeat crap is too high in sodium, but I like it.


  • Twix Ice Cream Bar
  • Gatorade

I picked up this snack at a convenience store on the way home.  I was riding my bike, and I felt I needed a little more energy.  I also drank some water from my water bottle.


  • Small pork chop, grilled outside
  • Brussell sprouts

I need protein.  I love brussell sprouts.  It was a quick easy meal.  I need quick easy dinners, as I don’t have a lot of time after getting home before I go to bed.

I also drink black coffee from the time I get to work until around 2 p.m.  I drink water all day long.  I occasionally drink beer, but didn’t today.

Supplements and drugs:

  • Fish oil pills
  • Multivitamin
  • Metamucil fiber supplement
  • Aspirin (or acetaminophen if pain is bad)

The fish oil and vitamins started before the weight loss to help deal with depression.  It seems to work for me, and has other health benefits.  I used to take the fiber regularly, but I don’t do it as often now due to gas.  I take aspirin most days for its health benefits, or, if I’m in pretty bad pain, I’ll take acetaminophen.

That is a list of everything that I consumed today.  Today was typical for a weekday.  My calorie intake does vary.  Sometimes I go out to lunch.  Sometimes I eat a very light dinner.  On weekends my eating is all over the board.