Solidly Below 250!

I thought my weight would bounce back up from the 249.8 lbs that I weighed on Sunday.  It didn’t.  On Monday it was 249.2, and today it was 247.4.

Some of today’s loss might be the blood I donated at work today, but I drank plenty of fluids to make up for it.

I believe that It’ll stay under 250 as long as I keep riding my bike to work and eating sensibly.

49 lbs down, 72 to go.

I have some other exciting news to share, but that’ll wait until next time.

2 thoughts on “Solidly Below 250!”

  1. Congratulations on your achievements! You should be so proud of yourself. You are an inspiration to the rest of us that need to get with the program.

    Good luck and be careful out there

  2. David-

    Congratulations on what you are doing. I’m sure you’re being swamped with messages since you were on TV tonight. Nice story. We bike commuters need all the positive publicity we can get.

    I started riding to work (20 mi. Rnd. Trp.) in 1990 and back then people thought I was REALLY strange, so we have a few things in common I guess. I rode a recumbent -Easy Racer- for about five years but sold it four seven years ago. I ride a “”regular” bike (a.k.a. a wedgie) now. It’s got a really weird saddle on it; works for me though.

    Being tired on the return trip is normal I think. It’s a ride after we put in a full days work that makes it a hard pull home I guess. I always thought it was my age – I’m 63 – but I guess there’s more to it that that.

    I hope you plan to continue riding in the winter. It’s all in the way you dress as far as winter riding. The best riding temp is about 30F after you warm up for 10 or 15 minutes or so.

    Well, the best to you. And be careful out there on the road.

    Mike Reilly

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