2000 Calorie Meal

I rode to work to back on the recumbent yesterday.  The ride in was great.  The ride home just seemed harder.  Part of it may have been the heat.

By the time I got back to Charlestown I was extremely hungry, and I was too tired to cook.  I stopped at Domino’s at grabbed a pizza.  I strapped it to my rear-rack and went home.

I only intended to eat half of it.  It was only a 12″ medium.  It was gone within ten minutes of getting home.  I looked up the calorie content on calorieking, and found that it was 2000 calories.  So I ate 3320 calories yesterday.

I rode my bike to work again today, determined to burn some of those calories.  I’m planning on riding the rest of this week, plus a group ride tomorrow night.