Strange Vacation

I’m traveling to Niles, Michigan (in the southwest corner of the state) for the weekend.  I’m going to my oldest daughters graduation party.  I’m traveling with my wife, even though we don’t live together anymore.  We’re taking her van, and I want transportation while I’m there, so I’m bringing my bicycle.

The interesting thing is, I know all of the streets in that town.  I used to deliver pizza there for Pizza Transit, and Milano’s.  I’ll be staying alone in a hotel, and riding my bike around town just to kill time.  I’m hoping I can find enough to do to avoid getting bored.

It’s a small town, so I can ride anywhere in town in a reasonable amount of time.  I may have to get re-acquainted with some of the popular hang-outs.

I used to have quite a few friends in Niles, but most of them have moved away, died, or lost touch.  It’s strange, I’ve only been away for eight years.