Commuting Update

I really wanted to commute by bicycle all four days that I’m working this week.  (I have Friday off).  I did commute today, and on the way home, pushed myself harder and improved my time by ten minutes.  Pushing myself might have been a bad idea.  My legs are toast.  I’m going to drive tomorrow.

It was fun though.  On one flat stretch of about 2 miles, I was able to keep a steady speed of 20 mph.  My usual pace is 13-14 mph.  My legs and lungs were burning though.

I went for an 11 mile ride on Saturday, and did about 14 miles of riding on Sunday.  It wasn’t enough to prepare for my 32 mile round-trip commute, especially pushing for better time.

I also noticed that I ate more today (2255 calories).  Is it just bad habits returning?, or the fact that I burned more calories?

In either case, today’s weigh-in was at a new low of 253.8 lbs, which means I’ve lost 42.6 lbs.  I expect that some of that is dehydration from the ride home.