Ah, Food. I Love Food

I love food.  I have a problem with eating too much of it, and for the wrong reasons.  That is the whole reason for the existence of this website.

I’ve seen almost no weight loss in two months, just fluctuation.  This is discouraging considering the effort I’ve put into biking.

As of today, I’m tracking everything I eat, and the estimated calories, just like I did when I started this adventure.  I done eating for the day, and I’ve consumed an estimated 1685 calories.  That’s pretty good for someone who rode about 34 miles on a bike today.

Putting the food I eat in a list, even without calories counts, makes me aware of what I’m doing wrong.

So, I’m aiming for under 2000 calories per day, and biking to work and back (32 miles round trip) 3 or 4 times a week.  As always, I’ll adjust any of this as I need to.  I’d love to see my average monthly weight drop by 5 or six pounds for several months in a row.

5 thoughts on “Ah, Food. I Love Food”

  1. maybe it’s time to google some stuff on the types of calories you’re puttin in the tank?

    Some people say eating in public makes them eat less.. I dunno.. I’m the opposite.. but I’m odd.. Maybe eating in the lunch area at work.. or out on the front steps?.. lol..

    Everything I read here says you are every bit the man who will succeed at this.

  2. Mmm. I follow the following rules:

    Don’t take seconds

    If you feel guilty about eating something.. don’t give it away to David C (I think he will eat anything, anywhere)

    Have 6 meals a day (Breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and supper)

    Good-luck !!!

  3. Dave,

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I have done quite a bit of research about what to eat. I just don’ follow that advice. 🙂

    As far as eating in public vs. private, it really doesn’t matter to me… unless I’m going out to eat, then it’s a done-deal that I’m going to overeat. It’s got nothing to do with being in public, it’s just a self-control issue.

    I’m still working on it.

  4. You can do it…

    When you eat ask yourself why are you eating… self control is part of it… what is underneath?

    Keep up with the exercise. You can make it happen. Your body will start using the fat as fuel. Make sure you know what your BMR basal metabolic rate, especially now that you are biking to work. Great way to save on gas as well!!!

    Keep it up.


  5. JJ,

    According to a BMR calculator I found, my BMR should be around 2360 calories. I have a feeling it’s lower than that. I have a relatively slow metabolism. I also take medicine that can cause drowsiness, therefore, it probably lowers my metabolism even more.

    In any case, I *have* to eat fewer calories than I need to get rid of the fat.

    The exercise I get on the bike will help increase my BMR. I still have no way to accurately measure it though.

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