The Bike’s Condition Upgraded to “Rideable”

I found a new bike shop in downtown Louisville today.  It’s a short walk (or bike ride) from my office.  I brought my bike there, and got a new rear wheel installed.  If this doesn’t fix the spoke breaking issue, I’ll get very angry.

After driving home, I made a quick trip to the grocery store on the bike, in the rain.  I didn’t mind getting wet, and the fenders prevented dirty road-water from flying into my face.

I’ll be riding to work in the morning, barring anything else breaking.  There is the potential for some nasty weather, I don’t mind rain and lightning, but I hope the wind isn’t too strong.

One thought on “The Bike’s Condition Upgraded to “Rideable””

  1. I don’t mind any kind of weather… but wind sucks… actually.. if it sucked that’d be allright.. but it blows… it’s downright evil.

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