Shopping Ride!

I rode 12.3 miles in 55 minutes.  I rode to Target to buy some socks.  I met my wife there, so I wouldn’t have to ride both ways.  Yes, I am lazy.  After buying my socks, we did a little shopping at some other nearby stores, then went to a good Mexican restaurant.

I felt really good about the ride.   Too bad I overate later.

I’m planning on riding the full way to work on Monday.  It’s 16 or 17 miles.

2 thoughts on “Shopping Ride!”

  1. The worst part of riding is getting a bike stolen.. it sucks to leave your steed outside.. and it feels weird to be.. well.. weird and bring it inside.

    Got a lock?

  2. I usually lock it up outside. This particular trip, it was locked in my wife’s minivan. Yesterday I took my bike through the drive-through (pedal-through?) at the drugstore. I got some weird looks, but nobody said anything. I have not (yet) taken my bike into a store.

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