New Bike Toy

I ordered a Cateye Velo 8 bicycle computer from  It arrived today at work, so I installed it before my ride back to my car.

I had estimated the distance to 6 miles, and the Cateye measured it as 5.91 miles.  I rode that distance in 32 minutes.  It’ll be neat to compare different routes, and my average speeds.

Don’t take this as an endorsement of the product.  The last time I saw a speedometer on a bike it was mechanical.  I haven’t kept up on bicycle technology, and even the lowest-end stuff seems cool to me.

One thought on “New Bike Toy”

  1. I’m sure it’s awesome.. I’ve owned two different “computers” for my bike.. one even kept track of altitude change if I fed it the right info.. now on my road to out-of-shape-dom I don’t have a bike computer.. hmm..

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