More Biking Adventures

I parked my car six miles from work again today, and rode my bike the rest of the way.  This wouldn’t normally be noteworthy, but this morning we were having a thunderstorm.

I actually enjoyed the rain, and I like thunder, so it was a nice ride.  I had a change of clothes tucked safely away in the saddlebags.

This afternoon, the weather had cleared, and I was going to attempt to ride the entire 16 or 17 miles home, then catch a ride later to get my car.

I had a good pace going for the first nine miles, then I had a flat tire.  The shoulder of the road had a lot of debris, and roadkill.  I did my best to avoid it.  After inspecting my flat tire, I found what appeared to be a small piece of bone.

I did replace the tube, and air up the tire on the side of the road, but I had already called for a ride, and was ready to go home.

I may try it again tomorrow.

One thought on “More Biking Adventures”

  1. flats always suck.. especially when they seem like someone purposefully stopped your good ride.. I don’t know which I hate worse.. wind or flats.. I guess flats.. because wind I don’t have to deal with after I get home.. flats I still have to repair the tube.

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