Back to Basics

My recent posts have been about biking.  I’m still biking, but that’s not what this post is about.

When I first started this endeavor, I was in such poor condition, that almost any physical exercise was nearly impossible for me.  So, I started with diet, and simple exercises.  The diet was key.  I tracked everything I ate, and counted every calorie.  Once I had gotten into better eating habits, I quit keeping track.  I was happy, at that point, my weight loss had progressed quite nicely.

However, it did begin to slow down, and I’ve been hovering just above 260 lbs for too long now.  This is in spite of all the extra exercise I get now.  I realize that I’ve been eating poorly again.

Here is monthly average weight from November (first full month since I started) through May:

Month Average Weight
2007-11 286.5
2007-12 276.4
2008-01 270.5
2008-02 268.9
2008-03 266.9
2008-04 262.6
2008-05 261.5

It’s not horrible.  I’m rather happy with the progress in the first few months, but talk about diminishing returns!

I need to focus on my diet again.  I’m going to continue to work on lengthening the bicycle portion of my commute (I’ve found a place 6 miles out to park).

3 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

  1. Keep at it. You have a good base going. I agree with the diet tracking portion. I dropped an additional 15 lbs after hovering @ 175 lbs for a while. Started @ 230 lbs before I started walking, then running–April 2006.

  2. Dude! You’re doin’ great! You have set a path for a lifetime acheivement.. not a yo-yo rollercoaster ride.

    The tumblers are all falling into place… keep workin the key!

  3. Dave,

    I have made a ton of progress, and I feel good about that. It’s just my eating habits have reverted a bit. Today was bad. I went to a bar with some friends after work. So, a bunch of snacks, and four glasses of Bass Ale later, I get on my bicycle.

    I hate to think about the effect of those calories if I didn’t burn at least some of them off with the riding I did, yet that’s what I used to do all of the time.

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