Weekend Roundup

Well, I rode more distance on Monday… the nothing until Friday.  I overslept three days through the week.  That’s bad.  I actually overslept Friday also, just not as late.  I rode in on Friday, but only from the 3.5 mile point.

I bought a headlight earlier in the week, and I bought a backpack for my laptop today.  I went for a quick nighttime ride around my neighborhood a few minutes ago (with the backpack on) to check out my new setup.  The headlight works better than I expected.  It’s a six-LED light, and it does a decent job.  It can also be set to flash for better visibility in the daytime.

The weather forecast is calling for a high tomorrow of 95.  I’ll be outside most of the day.  I need to mow the lawn, and I intend to take a ride (without the backpack).  I’ll be sure to drink a lot of water.

One thought on “Weekend Roundup”

  1. Those “camel back” hydration packs are pretty neat… they bag that you put the water in can even hold ice.. so you have a cooler on your back.

    I ride with a bandana under my helmet.. and I soak the bandana in water to cool me off as I ride.. It gives my cooling system a head start and seems to keep some sweat out of my eyes.

    When I’m tired.. I pick out good shady spots to ride to and drink.. then ride to the next one… lol.

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