More Mileage

I parked a bit further from work today.  My ride was 6.5 miles one way, so I rode 13 miles round trip for my commute.  I don’t really feel any worse than I did when I was doing a 7 mile round trip, but some of the road is scarier.

Part of the ride has an extremely narrow shoulder, and large potholes.  I’m glad I have my mirror so I can make the decision to swerve around the hole, or hit the brakes.

I’m not one of those cyclists who bashes car drivers.  I drive a car.  I obey the law, try to be seen, and do my best to be courteous.  I am, after all, outweighed by the big metal beasts.  🙂

I did have a guy driving a dump truck screaming obscenities at me.  I’m sorry I delayed him by about five seconds.

3 thoughts on “More Mileage”

  1. yeah.. it’s tricky.. you have the right of way.. but the maritime rule of “tonnage” means.. the big object has right of way.. I hate bikers that slow people down just to do it.. but cars and trucks that don’t give the biker a brake (and a break) are worse.

    Like you said.. 5 seconds of that guys life was worth what to the guys blood pressure??

    We get used to being in metal cocoons and forget that humans are driving the other vehicles.. that transfers over to bikes… Be happy you’re the one doing something positive.. and even allowing someone else to vent some steam from their miserable existence.



  2. I’m not too worried at the people who get mad at me. They at least see me. I worry more about the oblivious ones. Those are the ones that will run you down, and not even know it until they hear the crunch.

    One positive aspect of the higher gas prices; The media is full of bicycle stories, so I think people are a little more aware that they need to share the road.

    I, like most my age, forgot about bicycles once I started driving. It’s just been my weight loss adventure that reminded me.

  3. Oh, you may have noticed that my “longer” route is 6 miles instead of 6.5. I found another place to park that avoid the “scary” section of road. Unfortunately, I’ll still need to ride the section of road if I get to riding all the way on my commute.

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