A Nice Saturday Ride

I convinced my daughter to take a ride with me on Saturday.  We bought her a helmet, and I got a mirror and panniers for my bike.

Now with panniers
Now with panniers

We rode the Louisville Riverwalk, a (mostly) paved trail running along the Ohio River.

Dawn likes her bike
Dawn likes her bike

Our total round-trip ride was about 11 miles. My daughter hasn’t ridden much, and has mild asthma, so it was a leisurely pace. We both enjoyed the trip.

Two similar bikes
Two similar bikes

2 thoughts on “A Nice Saturday Ride”

  1. Outstanding!!

    Flats are a bummer.. I bring along an extra tube and a patch kit (not like the ones we had as kids.. one you just sand paper the spot.. and stick on the sticker).. the key is.. you don’t patch your flat.. you just put in a new one.. the patch is for the second flat.

    oh.. and always, when changing the flat.. (which the shop should be happy to show you how to do.. with a smile and no attitude).. when changing the flat.. check the inside of the tire for.. well.. something sharp.. checking the outside is obvious.. but lots of people forget to check the inside.

    of course.. if you bring along tubes.. then you need that pump.. they have fancy instant inflate things.. but a pump works just fine.. and give you an extra upperbody workout.

    speakin’ of pumps.. a good floor pump is nice to have (that’s a normal-looking bike pump you keep at home).. because keeping the tires filled goes a long way to making biking more fun.. and keeps you from getting “pinch” flats.

    Anyway.. I’m stoked.. You’re bike is lookin’ great.. I think I need to go fix mine up.


  2. Dave,

    I learned my lesson. I have a spare tube, patch kit, tools, and one of those compressed CO2 inflators. I didn’t like the pumps they had available. I’ll order one online.

    Now that I have enough storage space on my bike, I’m going to ride when it rains. I’ll have a change of clothes with me for when I get to work. I’m still looking for some good raingear though.

    Unfortunately, the bike shop didn’t have fenders that would fit my bike. So I’ll still end up with the “skunk strip”, but it’s not a big deal. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so I can test my gear, and my resolve.

    I love the new mirror. I often have a stiff neck, and looking back to check for traffic was, well, a pain in the neck. I haven’t actually ridden in traffic since getting the mirror, but just from the trail riding I did, I can tell it will help.

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