Other Benefits

I’m really beginning to enjoy my partial commute to work. I’ve done it both yesterday and today. I also did two days last week. That’s 28 miles of riding just for my partial commute. I won’t be doing it tomorrow, the weather isn’t cooperating, and my legs need a rest.

I also track my gas mileage, and the bicycle has made a difference. My average mileage is up because the part of my commute that I ride is the most congested part. I also have driven fewer miles per day with the partial commute, and made a few short trips around town on the bicycle.

Overall, my cost per day (in gasoline expenses only) went from $4.63 to $2.71. In addition, I don’t have to pay for parking when I ride.

I drive a small car that gets good mileage (currently averaging 33mpg), and I’ve cut my daily fuel expenses by around 40%. I find that amazing considering I’m not riding the whole way to work yet. We’ll see if the trend continues.