Indiana Silliness in Kentucky… Over the Ohio River

Today was the Democratic Primary here in Indiana. Apparently the Clinton campaigners decided that standing around on the bridge over the Ohio River (technically in Kentucky), would be a good way to get the attention of Indiana residents who commute to Louisville.

They were waving and yelling out to people stuck in traffic. I rode by on my bicycle and waved back at a couple of them. As I neared the end of the bridge, right at Main Street, an older woman yelled out “Hillary loves men on bicycles… and so do I!” I told myself “Pedal faster, fat man, pedal faster”.

One thought on “Indiana Silliness in Kentucky… Over the Ohio River”

  1. just caught up on your posts! Makes me wanna get on my bike and save some money!

    It’s weird/funny how my brain wanders during a ride.. I like the “pedal faster” mantra.. when I was in Moab, Utah my mantra (though I was alone.. in the middle of nowhere on a trail).. mine was, “Chick like big legs.”.. of course I will never have muscular legs.. I have chicken legs..

    A matter of fact.. in my college years we visited Tijuana on a Spring Break trip.. and a.. uh.. local woman of suspect repute said something in spainish while trying to seduce my friend.. my friend laughed.. then translated.. “She said you have legs of a chicken.”

    Great.. internationally knows for chicken legs.

    Glad to hear you’re wearing a helmet.. especially on that skinny country road.. watch for rednecks with beer cans… and Enjoy!


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