A Better Day

The day is young, yet it’s already much better than yesterday.
I intended to do a twelve mile ride. I didn’t quite accomplish that, but I did ride for nine miles. I did it in 58 minutes, so I won’t be breaking any records. I am still out of shape, but improving.
The ride was up Highway 3 from my house. Most of it is two-lane with narrow shoulders. I tried not to think about the cars coming up behind me.
Yesterday’s short ride wasn’t the last for the day. I did end up taking another ride. I didn’t measure the distance, but it was probably less than three miles.
I seem to ride better when I have an actual destination. Today’s destination was the town of Otisco. I didn’t quite make it, but I was close. The next time I go to the park to ride, I need to plan my destination ahead of time.
I’ve had too much beer over the last week. Not too much, as in a drinking problem, but too much that it interferes with weight loss. I think I’m going to go without for a while. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to quit drinking entirely; I enjoy it too much for that. I do need a little more self control though.