It Should Have Been a Beautiful Day for a Ride

Today started wonderfully.  I woke up in a good mood.  The weather is perfect for a bike ride.  I had a few things to do first.

I went to the bike shop, and bought a helmet.  I’m old enough to know I’m not indestructible.  The guy at the shop was helpful, and understood that I had never worn a bike helmet before.

I also bought a stereo receiver and speakers for my living room.  I guess I’m an old fart.  I just want good stereo speakers.  I don’t want a surround sound thing.  I got a decent receiver, and settled (temporarily) on some bookshelf speakers.  I’ll probably replace them later with some big Cerwin-Vega speakers.

I got home, tested out the new electronics, then took my bike to the state park for a (mostly) traffic-free ride.  The helmet didn’t bother me, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get into the ride.  I only rode about 30 minutes before packing up and heading home.

Now I’m at home bored and somewhat depressed.  I really don’t know why.

I may go out for another ride today.  I will go out tomorrow.  I will also do my partial commute at least three times next week.