11 Miles on the Bike Today

I found a place to park that is 3.5 miles from work.  The commute round-trip is now 7 miles.  I also took a leisurely ride of 4 miles during my lunch break.  I won’t be riding again until this weekend.  My legs need a break.

I also really need a helmet, so I’ll buy one this weekend.  I’m also planning a long ride this weekend.  I’m going to explore the bike trails in Louisville.

I’m not sure how much of it is due to the riding, but my weight is down under 260.  I weighed-in at 259.4lbs tonight.  That’s a loss of 37lbs.  I extremely pleased with that.

If you 100lbs or more overweight, you can do it too!  Less than a year ago, I viewed this as impossible.  Just set some realistic goals, and get busy.

3 thoughts on “11 Miles on the Bike Today”

  1. Glad you are back. I am glad you are working toward your goal. I am too. 15 pounds so far. Yea for me!! youa re right… just keep it going. keep doing something.

    And Happy Birthday… a little late.

  2. Let it roll!! congrats!! You’re crusin’ in more ways than one!



    I must really like exclamation points!!! And get that helmet! It protects the one thing that really makes you you.

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