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  1. I have thought of riding partly to work but Mobile is not a bicycle freindly city. I see guys riding early in the mornig in groups on the street, but several times a year you hear about a death from being hit by a car.

    I have realized as decades go by with modern advances we now have less oppertunities to excercise while going about our day. I always think about life 150 years ago like Little House on the Prarie. One did not have to work out to stay fit. Just making your way to the end of a day was a workout.

    Anyway, My wife and I are 100 lbs overweight. We walk and workout at a gym when we can. We are also a member of a support group called TOPS (taking of pounds sensibbly) in case you have never heard of it. It is somewhat like Weight Watchers. We started the group last Monday and as of last night she has lost 6lbs and I have lost 3lbs in a week.

    Good luck and don’t get run over…….Joe

  2. Joe,

    Louisville is trying to be bicycle friendly, and has improved, but coming into downtown from southern Indiana is dangerous. The bridge I rode across this morning had a bicyclist killed last year. It’s too narrow, people drive too fast, and there is no bike lane at all. I rode on the sidewalk until I got off of the bridge.

    It is strange we usually pay money to work out now. Whether it’s a gym membership, buying equipment, or joining a weight loss group. I guess we could all live as Amish, and we’d get fit while doing useful work.

    I started this adventure off in early November, and I weighed in at almost 300lbs. I’m down about 35lbs, but I’ve still got a way to go. I’ve never heard of TOPS, but there are some people here at work who are Weight Watchers members.

    One guy that I work with started at 280lbs. He’s down 45 or 50lbs, and he just ran a mini-marathon here in Louisville last weekend. He’s running the Indianapolis mini next weekend. I’m not ready for real running yet. That’s next year’s goal. I intend to run a full marathon in 2010.

    I wish you and your wife luck. It’s not easy, but it is very rewarding. I’ll try not to get run over. Thanks!

  3. AWESOME!!!

    I need to get back on my bike.. for a whole slew of my own reasons.. I actually have a history with that beloved 2-wheeled transportation device… even worked at one of those “real” bike shops.. ya did good to get a “real” bike vesus a toy sold at those mega stores.. honest.

    Your town probably has a bike map through the city park and rec.. or some other department.. they are usually free maps with the official bike lanes and “routes”.. routes being roads that are better for bikes even if they don’t have a bike lane…

    And it’s usually not the driving cars that get ya.. it’s people getting out of their cars.. so get used to looking through the parked cars ahead to see if a person is in it.. those silly car drivers just open the doors without looking for bikers.. and that’s a sudden stop that’ll be no fun..

    Of course a helmet goes without saying… no matter what you think they look like.. .. now.. the backpack.. well.. whatever works.. I suggest getting one of those hydration packs.. a mini backpack with like 90oz of water in it to drink through a tube.. amazing what keeping hydrated does..

    You can get one of those platform type racks for the back of the bike.. and 2 straps.. that’ll hold down a 12-pack… but a 6-pack is lighter.. and.. well.. that’s one way to curb the amount of suds but still have some.

    Anyway.. AWESOME… I go away for a week or so.. (my birthday too!! 19th) and look what happens… kewl.



  4. Yeah.. no need to get $1000s into bikes.. just one that works the way it should.. No need to drive a ferarri down the block to the grocery store.

    I like the idea of bringin’ your daughter’s backpack to the liquor store… _that_ probably turns some heads. .. ‘specially in a small town..

    As to accessories to the bike.. well.. I’d say helmet first.. a bit of misplaces sand and you drop 4 feet straight down on your forehead… ..if you go the the bike shop.. they should take the helmet out of the box and fit it to you so it feels right and actually looks right..

    I used to laugh when I saw someone with their helmet on backwards… no I’ve seen it so much it actually makes me sad.

    Oh.. and blinking lights.. I dunno.. I never got one.. I read one report of how drunks focus on blinking things and that bikers with blinking lights were more prone to being hit by a drunk… don’t know if they ever “proved” it .. but it makes sense to me.

    Fenders.. sure .. if you ride to work when it’s wet or with puddles.. (or just wear a coat and a change of pants?) rack: if you don’t get a backpack.. otherwise.. might as well just wear the pack… the rack’ll just be one more step… and I feel more comfortable with my stuff on me rather than the bike..

    So.. I’d say a helmet.. .. and a good lock… oh .. and sunglasses to keep any bugs or pebbles from honing in on your eyes.

    Great to hear this weeks developments… and neat bridge!!



  5. Dave,

    My last bike was a mountain bike from a mega-store. Everything kept breaking, so yeah, I was ready to try something different.

    My town is small. I don’t worry about riding here in Charlestown, Indiana. It’s when going outside of town I worry. I eventually want to be able to commute the 16 or 17 miles to work on my bike, and not just the first part of it.

    Louisville, Kentucky actually has a good bike path network. That doesn’t do anything for me, because getting to downtown (where I work) from Indiana (where I live) doesn’t involve any of it. It may be worthwhile to spend a Saturday or Sunday tooling around though.

    I’m actually being reckless, and not using a helmet… for now. I’ll probably buy one soon. I’ll probably also buy my own backpack, instead of using my daughters. I might be able to fit my laptop in it. There are a few things I want to add to the bike: fenders, rack, mirrors, maybe one of those stupid blinking taillights. I don’t know yet. I’m just starting on this biking thing, and honestly, I’m not looking to get big into it (as in spending $1000s on a bike), I just want a way to get around that keeps me fit.

    Well, we share a name, and almost a birthday. Anyway, happy belated birthday!

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