Where Have I Been?

My three readers might miss me.  Maybe I only have two readers now.  In any case, I thank both of you!

My life has been crazy in the professional, personal, and mental ways recently.  I haven’t been exercising often enough, but I have done some.  I have, however, quit going out to lunch as often.  I’ve been eating much healthier in general.

Apparently, that has been working for me.  I hadn’t weighed for 12 days.  I was a bit scared of the scale.  However,  I’m down 4.2 lbs.  My total loss so far is 35.8 lbs.

I did spend 50 minutes on the elliptical today.  I really wanted to do more, but my laziness won.

I went out last weekend and bought some new clothes.  I was able to drop a size in my pants.  I was hoping to wait until I could wear a size 38, but I really needed new pants.  I also have lost enough weight that I can tuck in my shirt again, and not look too horrible.

That’s right, losing weight will make me a better dresser.

I think I had the reputation at work of looking like a slob.  Maybe I can fix that too.

I promised more pictures, to better document this process.  I will do it soon, but not today.

3 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Good job!

    … and what’s wrong with dressin’ like a slob (grin).. ok.. I understand the official statement on the matter.. and being too small for one’s britches I suppose is a good thing, eh?!.. but I feel slobs are unfairly discriminated against… I think we should have an advocacy group.. and we shouldn’t be called slobs..



  2. I’m a reader too … still here! Keep it up! We bought a treadmill that sits in our living room as a really big bed for our cats. Yeah, we’re gettin’ a lot of use out of it. 😛 You keep moving though – waiting for pics!

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