Not Letting a Small Setback Bother Me

In a comment to a previous post, I mention that I did not do well on Saturday.  It’s true.  I ate a pizza, and drank a six-pack of beer.  I didn’t exercise either.

However, yesterday, I was determined to continue on.  I ate well, and watched one episode of Stargate Atlantis while on the elliptical, so I got about a 42 minute workout.  The 42 minute workout may not be as long as some of the other ones I’ve done recently, but it was more intense.  I pushed a little harder speed-wise, and I turned the difficulty up a bit.

I also spent a fair amount of time doing housework yesterday.  I’m not sure how much of a workout that really is, but it’s more than sitting in front of the computer.  It’s also time well-spent.  I hate it when my house is a wreck.

Today, after work, I will get on the elliptical again.

2 thoughts on “Not Letting a Small Setback Bother Me”

  1. Well Done… I suppose it’s like walking in sand sometimes.. I’d have said it was like an old Paula Abdul song.. but then I’d have to admit to knowing and old Paula Abdul song.

    Besides.. you can’t expect miracles.. I mean.. look at all those things you were working against.. Saturday.. a pizza.. a six pack.. hell.. that’s practically a country song right there!

    And if ya wanna see something neat.. maybe you should graph your weigh-in progress.. It looks to me like the train is rollin’ downhill!! 31 pounds already! .. That’s into the “results not typical” zone.. ya know.. you may not know it.. but you’re cruisin!

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