No Progress?

I just got off of the elliptical.  I felt good, until I weighed, and looked at recent weigh-ins on my spreadsheet.

I weighed 268.8 today.  I weighed 268.2 on 12/30.  I weigh more today than I did ten weeks ago.  That’s really frustrating.  I was rather pleased with my March 4th weight of 265.4, but it was just a temporary dip.

Dave commented in an earlier post that he doesn’t like to keep weight goals.  For me, it’s the only objective measure I have.  Subjectively, I feel better than I did at the beginning of this, back in early November.  Objectively, I’ve made progress, but very little since the end of the year.

I’m going to have to work a little harder.

3 thoughts on “No Progress?”

  1. it’s tough to judge a weight from day to day.. because of water weight.. muscle weighin’ more.. etc.. don’t sweat it! If you think you have to work harder.. you may be settin’ yourself up for missing more goals.. just keep doin’ somethin’..

  2. Dave,

    Yep. I have been eating too much recently though. I’ve also had too much beer. Although unrelated to my weight, I’ve also been spending too much money.

    I’m trying to get these bad habits back under control. I also need to start using the elliptical every day instead of occasionally.

    Thanks for the support.

  3. No worries.. I was basically responding to the sentiment in “I’m going to have to work a little harder.”

    That phrase tells me you think you aren’t working hard enough.. eating too much.. well.. or just eating as much as you could if you worked out more.. too much beer.. is there such a thing.. ok.. yeah.. but was it good beer? .. too much money.. hmm.. was it really good beer?

    Say.. spend all your money.. then you can’t buy food or beer.. and you’ll have to walk everywhere.. (nudge nudge).

    We call these bad habits.. but that’s what our society trains us to do.. We live in a capitalistic world.. that yells at us to spend more money.. spending money is viewed as good.. Eating lots is also encouraged… beer.. hmm.. ever watched TV.. Another thing encouraged as good.

    Calling it bad just tells yourself that you’re bad.. I don’t know you except from here .. and the good name.. but I can tell you aren’t bad.. so cut it out. Someone who is bad doesn’t see that they are eating more calories than they are using… or drinking more calories.. or over-spending their means.. which means you’re a good person.

    Welcome to the club of good people!

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