A New Beginning?

I have slacked off in my workouts and in my posting.  I’m hoping to rectify that now.

There has been something going on in my life that I haven’t been willing to write about.  Those that know me know about it, but I’ve kept quiet about it here.  I’m going to talk about it now, and how it’s affected my weight loss.

Toward the end of December, my wife and I decided to get divorced.  In mid-January she moved out of the bedroom.  In mid-February, she signed a lease on an apartment and I helped her move in.

The split has been amicable.  Our daughter has chosen to live with her.  They’re staying in the same town, so they are close by.

All three cats, and one of the dogs are going with her.  I’ve still got my two dogs.

We haven’t filed for divorce yet, but will soon.  I purchased new appliances for her apartment.  She took most of the livingroom furniture.  I just replaced it this weekend.

The friction, depression, and loneliness has derailed my weight loss effort.  I have barely been working out recently.  I’ve had more “bad” diet days than I should.

With that said, the purchase of a TV and livingroom furniture makes me feel like I am still living in a house, instead of a shell.  I’m getting used to living alone, and I think I may prefer it.  I’ve moved the elliptical so that I can watch TV while using it, and I expect to get back into gear with it tomorrow.

Please don’t give divorce advice.  I’m already getting a ton of that from family and friends.  My divorce is probably much different than yours.  I do welcome advice on getting out of my rut, and losing more weight.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “A New Beginning?”

  1. My best advice? Just get back into the program no matter how blah you’re feeling. It’ll help with your health and your emotional state. Get on the elliptical, turn on a good program or turn on some good music and get going.

  2. hmm.. I’d say Star Trek the original series on the TV and you on the elliptical would be a doable plan..

    ..and maybe put a tray on the elpitical so you can have dinner while you watch.. hell.. you should be able to spill away some calories.. (grin)..

    Hang in there!

  3. Heh, Still have a vcr Dave? As ya know I have all of the original Star Trek series on vhs.(Did I just admit that?)
    But seriously Dave.. If you need “Anything” just lemme know!


  4. Gene,

    No, I don’t have a VCR. I’ve entered the 21st century. I hook up my laptop to my new TV, and watch stuff that way. I just purchased season 1 of Farscape from iTunes.

    I’m in the processing of setting up my old home server as a media PC. I’ve got Vista ultimate on it, but I still need a wireless network card for it, and wireless keyboard, or remote, or something.

    The TV displays its native resolution of 1360×768 beautifully. I can easily read my email on it.

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