A New Year

It’s just hours away from the new year here in North America.  Many people have resolved to lose weight next year.  I resolve to continue losing weight.

Due to some issue I’ll blog about at a later date, my tracking of food and weight has fallen behind, and I’ve skipped workouts now and again, but overall, I’m still losing weight.

My weight last night was 268.2, so I have dipped below 270.  I’ll probably peak back above it before dipping down below, hopefully to stay.  I have not updated my weight on this blog, or on traineo.com, but I will.

Since the weight loss began I have felt better physically than I have in a long time.  However, the last few weeks have left me with painful muscle aches that are probably due to stress.

I will probably be in bed before midnight tonight.  I’m not going to any parties, or getting drunk.  I’m at home, having a few beers.  Last year I got rather drunk, and there are embarrassing pictures to prove it.

Happy New Year!

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