One Track Mind

My mother lost a lot of weight last year.  She did it mostly with diet.  Her exercise came from work, not working out.  She has gained some of it back, but she’s still in decent shape.

I talked to her on the phone today about my weight loss plan.  She kept lecturing me about carbs.  She kept repeatedly telling me to buy “light” bread because it has fewer carbs.  This is despite the fact that I repeatedly told her I’ve had two slices of bread in the last three weeks.

My diet is rather low-carb.  My mother tells me I can eat an 8oz pork chop, because it’s just protein.  No carbs!  I really don’t need all the fat either, so I keep my meat portions smaller.

I’ve noticed that everyone has their own weight loss advice.  Most of it is valid, but most of those people don’t realize that there are other just as valid ways.

If I ever come off as preachy, or as close-minded as my mother, please slap me.

One thought on “One Track Mind”

  1. Weight loss advice are like elbows, everybody has at least 2 of ’em.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. Know that there are people out there, people you don’t even know, who are rooting for you.

    Have a great day and a good weekend.

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