My Elliptical is Here!

My elliptical was delivered this morning.  I haven’t really used it, other than to test it out.  I’m rather busy.  I am committing to using it for at least 30 minutes today.

I’m going to start logging all pertinent data about my workout sessions, now that I’ll actually have workout sessions.

I just did a 10 minute workout, burned 130 calories, with a distance of 1.13 miles.  I am beat.  I’m really in poor shape.

3 thoughts on “My Elliptical is Here!”

  1. When I first read that you were committed to 30 mins. I thought you’re going to hurt yourself. Glad you got, glad you used it, now just keep using it.

  2. Yeah, 30 minutes might be a bit much for now. I decided to try another 10 minutes, but set the difficulty up a little. I lasted five minutes before plopping back down in my chair. My legs hurt. I’m not touching it again until tomorrow.

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