The Inconvenience of Eating Well

Being self employed, my work life is, um, different.

Some days I’m at a client site, and some days I’m at home.  My primary client expects me to work on-site most of the time.  Working there is similar to a regular job.  The location is in downtown Louisville, so there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance, including places where it is relatively painless to eat healthy.

However, today, I have to work at a different client site.  My options are more limited.  When grocery shopping I didn’t take this into account, so I don’t have a healthy lunch ready to go.

I did go overboard in buying bananas.  I have more than I can eat before they go bad.  I suppose I’ll bring two bananas, and eat one at around 12:00, the other around 3:00, and hope I don’t get stuck there past 6:00 or so.