I Bought an Elliptical

I pulled the trigger on an Elliptical.  I should have it by Friday, or possibly Monday.  I decided on the Octane Q35.  I bought it from Scheller’s in Louisville KY.  We went to the store, and tried several out.  The Octane models are a bit expensive, but this is one of the low-end models.

2 thoughts on “I Bought an Elliptical”

  1. Dave … great way to motivate yourself — blog about it. I’m pulling for you dude. Hell, I might give it a go myself.

  2. Yep, embarrassing myself in public may be the best way. If I succeed, it’s worth it. If I fail, it is nothing more than embarrassment. 🙂

    I’ll let you know more about the elliptical once I get it.

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