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Being a Grown-Up

After moving to the house I live in now and selling my truck, I started acting like a teenager.  I didn’t worry about money (let alone retirement).  I wasn’t responsible.  I drank too much beer. Some of those issues have … Continue reading

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Shifting Priorities

If you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever, it’s apparent that I’m in a relationship again.  Things are going well with Diane.  I bought her a new cell phone yesterday, and put her on my plan. Diane is not living with … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

My house has been a shambles.  Sometimes it’s clean, other times it’s dirty, but it’s been disorganized and not pleasant to live in.  I haven’t had a kitchen table since Kristy moved out.  I didn’t like the one we had … Continue reading

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January Miles and (Lack of) Progress

Between my car-rental drive to Bowling Green and driving Robin’s car for us to do stuff together, I drove 356 miles for the month.  It would normally not be difficult to ride my bike more than that in a month, … Continue reading

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New Toy

I want a simpler life, but I also like gadgets. Yesterday the gadgets won. I now have an iPhone 4S. I’m writing this post from it. In addition to browsing and writing from this thing I’ll play with some food … Continue reading

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Like I’m Waiting…

I’m waiting to get back on track. I’m waiting to eat healthy. I’m waiting to be in control of my life. What am I waiting for? I have a lot of changes coming.  My daughter is moving out of the … Continue reading

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My Normal Isn’t Healthy

I’m back to normal.  What is normal for me these days? I ride a bike almost everywhere I go out to eat often and overeat when I do I drink beer several times a week I gain weight I suffer … Continue reading

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Too Many Bikes

I have four bikes.  I ride two of them frequently.  Sadly the recumbent and the folding bike are the two I don’t ride.  I’ve been considering selling them to pay for upgrades on the LHT and single-speed, which I will … Continue reading

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Doing, Being, or Having

It’s better to spend your time, effort, and money working on Doing or Being rather than Having. Doing and Being are closely related and can lead to a fulfilling life.  Having can make you a slave to fashion/posessions/marketing/consumption. The lines … Continue reading

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Settling In Kristy and I are settled into our new home.  I’m enjoying the “almost car-free” lifestyle, except when I have to drive back to Charlestown to get things from the old house, or go somewhere with Kristy, or drive … Continue reading

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