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Trail Riding and Bike Changes

Since going to friction-shifting on the Fargo, the ten-speed rear has been a bit of a pain. Tim recommended a short ride at Waverly this morning.  I got up early and replaced the ten-speed chain and cassette with 8-speed equivalents. … Continue reading

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November 23rd Gravel Adventure Ride

Timothy has been putting on Gravel Adventure Rides for the Louisville Bicycle Club.  I attended one last month. Tim and I went together.  I think we had a total of six riders.  The ride started in New Washington Indiana.  This … Continue reading

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Updates, More Riding?

I’d meant to “catch up” on what interesting things I’ve done this year, but I’m falling behind. I did a bike camping trip with Tim back in September.  I don’t have time to write about it. My mileage for the … Continue reading

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More Adventure

Tim and I had big plans for last weekend.  We were going to drive to Texas to ride with Pondero.  We were concerned about weather on the return trip, and stayed closer to home. Saturday was Tim’s birthday, and we usually … Continue reading

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Fargo Changes

After the rides I did earlier in the year on the Fargo, the drop bars were really hurting me.  I decided to take a risk and make some changes. I bought Jones H-Bar handlebars, Silver Shifters, and Paul Thumbies, some … Continue reading

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August 16th, Ferdinand Gravel Ride

I’m still trying to catch up with my writing.  I’m showing that I actually did ride this year. Ferdinand State Forest in Indiana has some wonderful gravel roads.  Tim and I headed out there on August 16th for some adventure. … Continue reading

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August 10th, Miles With Tim

After our Charlestown Pizza ride in July, Tim and I wanted to revisit the area, but on a longer ride. So, on August 10th we headed out through Utica toward Charlestown.  I was on the rSogn, Tim was riding his … Continue reading

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Fun Ride, Poor Body

In January of 2013, I joined Tim, Patrick, and Timothy for a sloppy-winter gravel ride out of Marengo Indiana.  Today, it was Tim, Timothy, Jeff, and I. Last time was a planned 40-mile ride, but was shortened a bit.  This … Continue reading

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Charlestown Pizza Ride

I used to live in Charlestown Indiana.  It’s not that far.  They have a cool pizza place.  Tim and I decided to do a road ride there and enjoy some food and beer. On a Friday in July, I took … Continue reading

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Daniel Boone National Forest

Tim, Timothy, and I drove down to DBNF back in mid-July for a camping and biking trip.  It was intended to be three days of riding, starting on Friday the 18th, but the riding was much tougher than we planned … Continue reading

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No Time to Post

I’ve really been meaning to write.  I’ve done some really good rides. Today, 82 miles with Tim.  Last weekend, 70-ish miles.  A few weeks ago an awesome adventure off-road in Daniel Boone National Forest. The “no-beer” thing didn’t make it. … Continue reading

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Keeping on Pedaling

I’m still beer-free.  The eating hasn’t been great. I haven’t ridden my bike to work at all this week.  I’ve had the beginning of a neck flare-up.  No matter, I leave in the morning for a camping trip with Tim … Continue reading

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Good Ride, but Damn, I’m Out of Shape

I met up with Tim at Breadworks at 7:00 this morning for a ride with some distance.  I haven’t done much of that recently.  I rode the rSogn.  Tim was on his Lightspeed. Within 15 miles I was hurting.  We were … Continue reading

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New Toys!

I have to reward myself for my new drive to get fit again.  I can’t have beer, but I can replace it with something healthier, like bike stuff! Gadgets My old GPS still works, but I can’t mount it to … Continue reading

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Still on a Bike

Yes, I’m still riding a bike.  I just having been writing much about it. Camping! Back on June 20th, Tim and I went bike camping.  I rode my Big Dummy. We didn’t want to deal with a campfire, so I … Continue reading

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Slow Progress

My progress has been slow, but I have lost 3.4 lbs in four weeks.  I have had days with too much beer.  MyFitnessPal is helpful, but I have the occasional day that I blow my calorie budget. I’ve updated the … Continue reading

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A Plan

Yes, I’m tracking all my calories again.  I don’t yet have a specific calorie goal, but I’ll get there.  Just writing it down has kept things in check.  I have had a 3000-calorie day, but I’ve also had a 1000-calorie … Continue reading

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Sometime’s It’s Not Worth It

There was an article on a local news website today that drivers are driving in the new “protected” bike lanes.  I haven’t yet used these lanes, they don’t go where I’m going, but I’ve seen them.  They’re “protected” with paint.  … Continue reading

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Riding, Updates, and New Resolve

Driving I don’t care for driving, but I still do it for longer trips.  I first got a drivers license two days after my 16th birthday.  I rarely drive these days.  After having a valid license for a solid 27 … Continue reading

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Three-Day Weekend Fun

Saturday Tim and I met up at Breadworks, as usual, on Saturday morning for an urban spin.  The ride was pleasant, but it’s really the only kind of riding we’ve been doing recently.  We schemed to do something about that. … Continue reading

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Peeved and Sore

I had a minor incident while riding my bike home from work today.  A woman stopped at a stop sign, but started again without yielding to traffic (me).  I was moving at a decent clip on the Big Dummy. The … Continue reading

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2012 Salsa Fargo 2 (Large – 20″) For Sale

It’s time to sell a bike that I no longer ride.  I like the Fargo, but I’d rather have another LHT. The Fargo is for sale here.

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Selling Bikes?

I regret selling my Surly LHT.  I want another one.  One way to fund a new one is to sell an existing bike. Here’s what I currently have: Surly Big Dummy Rawland rSogn Bacchetta Agio Recumbent Salsa Fargo Raleigh Record … Continue reading

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Wedding Update & Stuff

On April 6th, 2014, Diane and I were wed at Duncan Memorial Chapel.  This is my third marriage and her second.  It’s the first time either of us had a “traditional” wedding. We had approximately 50 people attend the wedding.  … Continue reading

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Atrophied Cankle in the Rain

Tim and I had planned a 7:00am ride for this morning.  At 6:30 a storm with heavy rain and lightning was moving through.  We made the decision to wait it out.  By 7:00, things had settled down, and I headed … Continue reading

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