Touring in June

Last year, I did a five-day (four of riding, one of rest) tour to Indianapolis and back.  It was in March, so I stayed in hotels.  I’ve had two overnight trips since then, but not a multi-day trip.

I’ve now got the time off work starting June 2nd for a four-day tour.  Debbie, who joined me on half of last year’s tour, is planning to ride this one.

Below is a preview of the tentative route.  We’re riding four days, which means three nights of camping.  Total distance is approximately 230 miles.

Tentative route

Tentative route

Camping is planned at Clifty Falls State Park, Spring Mill State Park, and O’Bannon Woods State Park.  The entire tour is in Indiana, but the start location is just across the river from Louisville.

My plan at this point is to ride the Big Dummy, assuming I can get the handlebars dialed in where it’s comfortable.  Failing that, I’ll try to figure out how to carry everything on the recumbent.

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4 Responses to Touring in June

  1. Pondero says:

    Awesome. Stay healthy. I’d love to hear a Big Dummy touring story.

  2. Thanks!

    I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures. It’s not the Texas prairie, but southern Indiana is still quite nice.

  3. barturtle says:

    Explain to me why you don’t think you can haul it all on the bent? You have the two biggest panniers I can think of. More space than my front and rear bags combined. I’m pretty sure my luggage for 2 months in Europe was smaller.

  4. I might be able to haul it on the ‘bent, and will try if necessary.

    The sleeping bag and sleeping pad would have to bungied on top.

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