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Good Enough

I’ve been pretty good about my eating.  I was trying for 700 bike miles for the month.  I’m fairly happy with my recent weight loss. Today was Car-Free Happy Hour at Clifton Pizza.  I was unsure I even wanted to … Continue reading

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I’ll Save The Record, for Tomorrow

I mentioned last week that I wanted to break my old record of 671 miles in a month.  I want to completely break it and get 700 miles this month. I only needed 53 miles to do it, and I … Continue reading

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Gravel Grovel – Complete!″

Why did I choose a gravel road and off-road race as my first bike race?  Probably because I knew I’d be better at that than a road race. Yesterday was the Gravel Grovel, a 60-mile bicycle race over all kinds … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

I’m thankful that I’m healthy enough to keep riding my bike. I’m thankful I have friends to join for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thankful I have friends that like to ride bikes in all kinds of crazy adventures. I’m thankful for … Continue reading

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Shooting For A New Record

In August, I rode my bike 671 miles for the month.  I crossed 500 miles for this month yesterday.  I want to exceed 700 miles and set a new personal best. My top ten months are below. There are seven … Continue reading

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I bitched and moaned a bit about gaining weight over the last 18 months.  I’ve made half-hearted attempts to get back on track.  Today, I’m getting serious. My weight goals: Get back down under 200lbs by March 2012 Get to … Continue reading

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New Washington Gravel Training

Four of us got together for the RCCS Gravel Wander/Training out of New Washington today.  It was partially just because we enjoy gravel and partially to train and judge our ability for the Gravel Grovel that is only six days … Continue reading

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TARC on Google Maps

I met a guy a few months ago at the car-free happy hour who was assisting TARC with getting the necessary data to Google to allow public transportation as a mapping option for Louisville. I saw on various websites that … Continue reading

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Tim’s Birthday Century

Many cyclists will “ride their age” on their birthday.  I wanted to ride 40 miles back in April for this reason.  I was busy with other things and it didn’t work out. Today was Tim’s birthday.  He broke from tradition … Continue reading

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Brake dust. Grime. Dirt. The smell of latex inner tubes. Dirty rags. Fussy bolts and nuts. Aligning everything just right. Dripping lubricating oil. Attaching accessories Loading bags Connecting lights Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

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Sunday Ramble

Yesterday’s populaire left me exhausted.  I went to bed early and had plans of getting up early to ride around town with Tim. I slept through the alarm.  Once I did wake up I noticed a text message from Tim. … Continue reading

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Populaire d’Indecision

I rode my first LBC populaire in July.  There were several of us RCCS guys on the ride.  I was quite slow, riding the ‘bent, and still recovering from my neck issues, yet I still had people riding with me. … Continue reading

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Four Years?

Time flies.  I started this blog four years ago today.  November 11, 2007 was when I started documenting my weight loss effort.  I had actually started the effort in late October but took a little longer to get the blog … Continue reading

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Great Day!

I woke up feeling ill still.  It’s mostly head congestion and a sore throat.  I enjoyed an extra-long shower to clear everything out and took a leisurely ride to work to relax.  I had gotten up early enough to not … Continue reading

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Sick Sunday? Blah

I’ve been fighting a cold for a while, including during yesterday’s rides.  I had planned to ride with Tim again this morning, but I really wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home, drank coffee, ate eggs & bacon, and wasted … Continue reading

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Training and Errands

I rode about 42 miles this morning with Tim and Patrick as part of our Gravel Grovel training.  It was a road ride, but the idea is general fitness. I’ve lost a lot of fitness.  I really struggled to keep … Continue reading

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I sold my truck today.  I was expecting to be extremely happy, as I’ve been working toward this for a while.  In reality, I was a bit sad to see it go, and I’m a little worried about the future. … Continue reading

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Pain In The Neck!

When falling off my bike into the mud on Sunday, I landed on my right shoulder.  My head (helmet) smacked the ground.  Although the soft muddy ground prevented me from bruising my shoulder, I hurt my neck.  I already have … Continue reading

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