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Bike Miles

I still have two months left in the year, but I’ve had four months with more than 500 miles each.  That’s better than I’ve done in previous years. My overall mileage year-to-date is a bit lower than last year, but … Continue reading

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Gravel Grovel Training – Henry & Owen Counties

The Plan Tim cooked up an awesome route to train for the upcoming Gravel Grovel without having to drive too far.  We discussed with Timothy and Patrick.  Both were interested, but Patrick couldn’t dedicate that much time.  It’s a good … Continue reading

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As I’ve mentioned before, I am racing Gravel Grovel this year.  I had to cajole some of the others to actually registering, but they have.  I’m pretty sure that Tim, Patrick, and Timothy are registered.  I’m not sure about Michael. … Continue reading

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I’m Not a Bike Mechanic

I stopped at OYLC on the way home from work to pick up some parts I ordered.  I was riding the Big Dummy, so I had plenty of room to carry my cargo: a new stem for that bike, and … Continue reading

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Why Car-Free?

I’m not yet technically car-free, as I haven’t really even tried to sell my truck.  I also haven’t driven in several weeks. People go car-free for a variety of reasons: environmental, financial, health issues, loss of license, never got a … Continue reading

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I spent the weekend spending too much money on food, beer, and bike parts.  Now I’m going to be poor for a week and a half.  So much for being financially responsible. I also almost hot hit by a car … Continue reading

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Cargo Bike Coffee Ride

Tim and I met for coffee and snacks this morning.  We had a pretty sedate ride though the parks, including a mountain bike trail, Beargrass Creek Trail, Butchertown Greenway, and part of the ‘cross course at Bandman Park. Nothing unusual … Continue reading

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No Camping

Tim & Michael both came down sick, ending the plans for the Red River Gorge camping trip.  Although I am disappointed by this, I’m also slightly relieved.  I’ve been quite stressed and busy recently.  Final preparations for the trip would … Continue reading

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Good Monday

I normally loathe Mondays.  Today turned out good.  Tim and I have standing plans on Mondays to meet in the afternoon for cyclocross training.  My LHT is the only ‘cross-worthy bike, so I rode it to work this morning. I … Continue reading

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Sunday Musings

I had a good ride with Tim this morning.  We met at Sunergos for coffee.  He had planned a road ride heading out of town, but he had a mechanical issue with the bike early in the ride.  We rode … Continue reading

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Saturday Adventure

I met Michael (last year?) at a car-free happy hour.  I think I’ve only ridden with him a couple of times before today. He suggested in an email that we meet for a Riverwalk/Louisville Loop this morning.  He lives in … Continue reading

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‘Cross Is Hard

Damn.  Tim invited me out for ‘cross training tonight.  We’re considering a ‘cross race on 10/30. We’ll get lapped – and a I guess that’s a DNF I suck at cross I’ll do it anyway if he does (or Patrick … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

I had vague plans for a good long ride today.  After entirely too much beer last night, I slept in and didn’t wake up until Tim called me asking about a slower-paced around-town coffee ride. I rode the Big Dummy … Continue reading

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Big Dummy

Since I will be living car-free very soon, I’ve been wanting a cargo bike, a Big Dummy in particular.  I have other bikes I want first, but the opportunity to try and possibly buy a used Big Dummy for a … Continue reading

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Medical Miles

Monday was a bad day.  I had to be to work early, and I knew I’d work late.  I woke up late and drove to work… for the first time in months.  I’m glad I did, as I was at … Continue reading

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Productive = Happy?

I’ve had a very productive day.  12 hours worth of productive. We had a server failure on Saturday.  I needed to get in early-ish today (Monday).  I woke up late and grumpy, so I drove to work. Today was a … Continue reading

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I’ve Got To Keep Reminding Myself

When I was having the most weight loss I was constantly reminding myself about my progress.  That was the point of this blog. Since then, It’s turned into either talking about bike rides or complaining about depression.  Both of those … Continue reading

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