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More than two years ago I started doing some upper-body strength-training to help with my shoulder pain.  I did it for a while, but I eventually quit doing it.  Letting the muscles atrophy may have exacerbated the cervical spine issue. … Continue reading

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My weight this morning was 225.8.  The last few weeks I’ve been eating healthier, partially to save money.  I haven’t been going out for meals.  It’s working. I had a can of soup for dinner last night.  Not exactly satisfying, … Continue reading

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Car-Free and Planning

Living without a car requires extra planning.  I know I still have my truck, but I haven’t driven it in quite a while. I needed to get pet supplies today.  That means towing the trailer to work and stopping by … Continue reading

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Back to Work

You remember that depression I was having?  It’s gone.  Depression?  What depression? I think getting out of the hospital just made me so happy that I’m still overflowing with happiness… even though my vacation is over and I went back … Continue reading

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Mellow Monday

Today was the last day of my four-day weekend.  I didn’t sleep in, I was up puttering around the house.  I did some useful things, and wasted some time.  I wasn’t feeling energetic enough to go out on an epic … Continue reading

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Ack! Spider!

Look what greeted me in the shower this morning! I have neutralized the enemy (squished him and flushed him down the toilet).  He was about three inches from tip of front legs to end of rear legs.  Gah!

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More About Weight

My weight this morning was 228.4.  Although down from the last few weeks, it’s still five pounds heavier than it was in December 2008.  That’s not acceptable.

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Sarah guessed in a comment to my previous post that the handlebar tape was pink.  Give her a cookie! Pink is like red, so that’s what I chose.  It’s a cork-gel tape, not cloth, so no shellac.  It’ll be just … Continue reading

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I’m Baaack!

I was discharged from the hospital late yesterday afternoon.  I have some dietary restrictions, so I needed to go to the grocery store last night. I’m eating a lot of soup and getting by. I intended to get up early … Continue reading

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Gravel Machine

Since I’m stuck in the hospital and have a laptop, I’ve been browsing. I have some gravel rides planned for this year yet, and my LHT will have to be that machine once I remove some unnecessary equipment and put … Continue reading

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Hospital Update

I posted earlier (from a phone) about being in the hospital.  Kristy has brought my laptop, and that’s perfect as I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m expecting to be discharged sometime tomorrow.  A correction: the obstruction is in my small intestine, … Continue reading

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I am in the hospital. I went to the ER yesterday with abdominal pain. I have a bowel obstruction and have been admitted. I’m posting this from Kristy’s phone. More later.

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Drunken Post

I ate (and drank) what I shouldn’t have.  I’m not doing the house work that I should have.  I went down to Zeppelin Cafe and had a burger and a few beers.  It’s only a couple of blocks, I walked. … Continue reading

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After yesterday’s whining, I may have lost a reader or two, and that’s a fair percentage of my readers.   Things were better at work today.  My mood took a nosedive once I got home.  I had errands to run … Continue reading

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Depression, Loneliness, and Anger

The times I need someone the most are the same times that I would be unpleasant to be around.  Today is one of those times.  It’s strange to be lonely and know that any advice given to me would not … Continue reading

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I Hate Brakes

V-Brakes, center-pull calipers, side-pull calipers, cantilevers, disc, whatever.  No bicycle brake works as well as a decent automobile brake.  Then again, I don’t want 100lbs worth of brake on my bike. The cantilever brakes on my LHT (cantis for short) … Continue reading

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Morning Metric

Tim called it “furly”, and it was.  I got up at 4:00am, made breakfast and coffee, showered and was out the door at 5:30 to meet Tim and Patrick for a 50 or so mile road ride. I was concerned … Continue reading

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Fall Bicycle Plans

Tim posted his Fall plans. Sunday 9/25- I’ll be driving up to Brown Country, finally, for a half-day of trail riding up there with Apertome and Dave G. EVERYBODY talks about how fun the BC trails are. Also, mostly everybody … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday

I rolled out of bed around 8:00 this morning.  I cooked bacon and eggs and drank coffee.  That made for a good start for the day. Around 10:30, Tim picked me up and we went to Waverly HIlls Park for … Continue reading

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Under 230 Again – Two Days in a Row

Yesterday and today my weight was 229.2.  I last went out to eat (or drink beer) on Monday.  It’s nice to see almost immediate results. I almost drove to work yesterday, but I am short on money and didn’t want … Continue reading

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I left work early and rode my bike out to my doctor’s office as planned.  I was escorted back to have my vitals taken and sign some paperwork.  After the nurse leaves the room, I can hear them talking about … Continue reading

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Problems I’ve been at risk of undoing much of the health improvements I’ve done over the last four years.  My eating habits are not only directly unhealthy, but not great for my mental health with the self-loathing I feel after … Continue reading

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I have depression issues.  I have most of my life and I deal with it.  Sometimes I spout off about it on this blog.  Other times I keep it to myself. I’ve often heard of those who have anxiety issues … Continue reading

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Blah and Bleh

I didn’t ride much over the weekend, just rode around town a little.  My eating habits are worse than they should be. I’ve been in an emotional slump.  I tend to use food and beer as crutches.  That’s not good. … Continue reading

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Gravel Grovel

A group of us are planning to ride the Gravel Grovel.  This is a 100 kilometer bicycle race over mostly gravel surfaces.  This takes place in late November near Story Indiana. My goal is to finish the race.  Finishing last … Continue reading

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