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Rainy Sunday Ride

The RCCS ride this morning turned out to be a solo ride.  The usual characters that like to ride in any weather were unavailable.  The weather chased off the rest. I set out just after 9:00 am with light rain. … Continue reading

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Learning To Work On A Bike

Nermal’s drivetrain is shot.  I’ve put over 3000 miles on that poor cheap bike, and it’s really showing signs of wear.  I bought a new chain and cassette yesterday, and a few tools from Bluegrass Bicycle.  One of the tools … Continue reading

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Four Days of Bicycle Commuting

On The Bike I rode my bike to work every day this week, except on Thursday.  I feel good about that, but haven’t been feeling good in general.  More on that later. Monday I rode the long way to work. … Continue reading

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What a Wonderful Week

Last week had incredibly nice weather.  Once I realized just how nice it was going to be, I was determined to ride to work every day.  I didn’t quite achieve that goal.  I rode three days, including taking the long … Continue reading

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Not Wasting the Week

My weight has been just under 200 lbs all this week so far.  I started off not riding my bike to work, although I did ride the 56 miles on the Sunday RCCS ride. On Wednesday, I was ready to … Continue reading

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What? No Bike Commuting?

This is the warmest week yet this year, yet I’m not really planning on riding my bike to work.  What gives? I usually enjoy the ride into work, but the ride home is always slower and less enjoyable.  I still … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing a lot of research to guide my diet.  Everyone knows that too much sugar will cause weight gain.  It’s worse than that. The video below outlines how fructose (from high-fructose corn syrup and plain old table sugar) … Continue reading

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Beautiful Weather – Day 2

The RCCS held a ride today titled “Gone With Thee Old Man Winter”.  I’m hoping we’re not jinxing the nice weather we had this weekend.  I’d hate to put the studded tires back on. Four of us arrived in Edwardsville … Continue reading

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Beautiful Weather

After a protracted winter, we are finally having some nice weather.  Today hit about 50F with clear skies. I had intended to get up early for a ride, but caught up on my sleep instead.  I did get out in … Continue reading

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Stomach Grumbles

No, I’m not hungry.  Quite the opposite actually.  My weight has been trending downward recently, and I’ve been poised to drop under 200 lbs again.  I weighed in this morning at exactly 200.  I figured tomorrow would be the day. … Continue reading

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Mixing Up The Commute

It’s easy to get bored of the same old rut.  I think that’s why I’ve been riding to work less often. I changed that a bit today.  I left early this morning for a little extra time.  I stopped at … Continue reading

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