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How Much Have I Been Riding?

This is the chart of my mileage ridden per bike since January 2009.  I didn’t have the LHT until January of this year, so that explains all the zeros. January and February are up slightly over last year.  That was … Continue reading

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Two Weeks?

I haven’t posted in two weeks.  What happened? I’ve been busy.  Some of it was necessary, some of it was fun.  I’ve been riding, but not quite enough.  I’ve been following my paleodiet a bit better.  I’ve  been losing weight. … Continue reading

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40 Miles on Valentine’s Day

The RCCS had another coffee ride today.  I wanted a few extra miles, so I rode from Jeffersonville.  Three of us rode on this cold, snowy, Valentine’s Day.  Tim (our fearless leader), Marcus (new to our rides), and I. The … Continue reading

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I bought some meat a while ago and froze it.  I don’t remember if it was several pieces of roast, or several thick steaks, but in any case it was relatively inexpensive beef. I put them in a with a … Continue reading

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Mother Nature is Not Cooperating!

The weather has not been helpful with bike riding.  I have ridden some.  I rode about eight miles today doing a partial commute.  I don’t feel comfortable with portions of my full commute when the roads get slick. Also, riding … Continue reading

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Riding in the Snow

Riding in the snow is fun.  It’s ice you have to worry about. The winter storm that passed through last night and this morning dumped several inches before I even got out of bed.  My daughter and I took a … Continue reading

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Snow Day

I woke up this morning to several inches of snow, and it’s still coming down. My daughter’s school is closed. Many places are closed. I haven’t been out yet to see the roads. There is a strong possibility I will … Continue reading

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I fasted for 24 hours, from Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon.  I figured I would “break my fast” in grand fashion. I had read about meatza, a paleodiet-friendly pizza with meat instead of crust.  I used the general idea from … Continue reading

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Quick 20-Miler

Tim and I planned an RCCS ride for this morning, but didn’t give a lot of advance notice.  That’s probably why only Tim and I arrived at the ride. We both rode our LHTs, and it was good fun and … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Paleo Dinner

I had a (mostly) paleo dinner last night, and it was good enough that my daughter liked it. I cooked mashed potatoes with the skins still on, covered them with onion and green pepper sauteed in butter.  I then had … Continue reading

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Weekly Average Weight for February 6, 2010

My average weight for the week ending 2/6/2009: 207.4 lbs Down from last week: 3.7 lbs Down since I started on 10/31/2007: 89.0 lbs My average loss per 30 days since 10/31/2007: 3.22 lbs Weight until goal: 32.4 lbs It’s … Continue reading

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My New Diet Is Working

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my new eating habits are based upon the paleodiet.  Although it took some initial getting used to, I now feel pretty good, and the weight loss has continued.  My weight this morning was … Continue reading

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