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50-Mile Friday

Tim came over for a ride today to burn off some Thanksgiving calories.  I really didn’t eat much yesterday, but made up for it post-ride today. I planned the route, but we missed a turn somewhere near Clark State Forest.  … Continue reading

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Shifted Priorities

I started bicycling to lose weight.  It stands to reason that I ride to lose weight.  That used to be the case. Now I ride because I enjoy it.  It’s a way to relieve stress, keep me fit(ter), and still … Continue reading

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Teaching Young’uns

My youngest daughter is nearly an adult.  I’m now balancing teaching her to drive and teaching her to ride her bike.  The “how” is the easy part.  The “which for when” is harder.  She doesn’t have the love of cycling … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

I took the week off from riding to work to let my ankle heal.  It seems to be better now, which is good, as I’m planning on riding about 50 miles tomorrow with Tim. I got Nermal back from the … Continue reading

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Daily Weighing Keeps Me Focused

Now that I’m weighing myself daily again, and tracking my calorie consumption, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to say “no” to extra snacks.  Keeping my weight loss in my thoughts more often leads me in the right direction. That’s just … Continue reading

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I’ve been eating too much.  Riding my bike 100+ miles a week isn’t enough to keep my weight under control with my current caloric intake. I hadn’t been posting my weight for a while, I have now.  I’m also back … Continue reading

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Did I Mention I’m Hard on Bikes?

I wasn’t planning on riding to work today, but with the copious amounts of calories consumed over the weekend, I rearranged my week a bit, and rode to work today. Nermal’s bottom bracket has been a bit loose recently, and … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend

I truly had an busy, yet enjoyable weekend.  I rode my bike a fair amount, ate too much, and drank beer.  What’s not to like? Mountain Biking I got up early on Saturday to take my daughter to take her … Continue reading

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Car-Free Future?

My wife and I had a discussion the other day about being a one-car household.  The idea is to get rid of her car, and she would drive the truck.  I could ride my bike to work most days, or … Continue reading

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November 1st RCCS Ride

The RCCS had a bit of hiatus. We made up for it yesterday. We had wanted another mixed-terrain, gravel road, rambling trip through Hoosier National Forest.  I planned the route, printed cue sheets, and prepared my GPS. Tim and I … Continue reading

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