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Not Letting a Small Setback Bother Me

In a comment to a previous post, I mention that I did not do well on Saturday.  It’s true.  I ate a pizza, and drank a six-pack of beer.  I didn’t exercise either. However, yesterday, I was determined to continue … Continue reading

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I’m Just Getting Started

Since starting this blog, I’ve found others.  Some of them have been dormant for a while, and others have been a huge success. Looking at some of the history of the successful ones, I’ve noticed that most had bad times … Continue reading

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My Dog is Fat Too

I have a six-year old yellow lab.  Her name is Candy.  I don’t care for the name, but she had that name when I got her, about 5 1/2 years ago.  She has “thickened up” a bit over the last … Continue reading

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No Progress?

I just got off of the elliptical.  I felt good, until I weighed, and looked at recent weigh-ins on my spreadsheet. I weighed 268.8 today.  I weighed 268.2 on 12/30.  I weigh more today than I did ten weeks ago.  … Continue reading

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Back on the Wagon

Moving the elliptical into the livingroom and buying a TV seems to be a big win for me.  I can easily watch a one hour show while using the elliptical. Last night’s weigh-in was 265.4 lbs.  I’ve lost 31 lbs.  … Continue reading

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A New Beginning?

I have slacked off in my workouts and in my posting.  I’m hoping to rectify that now. There has been something going on in my life that I haven’t been willing to write about.  Those that know me know about … Continue reading

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