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Slacking Off, But Still Losing Weight

I haven’t been working out enough.  I haven’t been tracking my food or weight everyday.  I’ve had a few days where I ate way too much.  I have been blogging far too little. I have two excuses: Holidays can do … Continue reading

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Yep, I’m fat and lazy. I haven’t had a real workout in days.  I skipped two days of work.  I slept a lot.  The truth is, I was sick.  So on the bright side, I lost weight. I didn’t track … Continue reading

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Some Progress, Some Setbacks

I went a couple of days without working out.  I’ve been busy, and I’m naturally lazy. I had been eating well, until today.  I had three slices of pizza and two breadsticks that totaled more than 1300 calories.  It’s also … Continue reading

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Reading on the Elliptical

I had done a short but intense workout on the elliptical earlier, then sat down at my computer to get some work done.  My daughter, who has barely touched the elliptical, grabbed a book, and did a hands-free, slow-paced workout … Continue reading

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Food and Mood

Saturday night my wife and I went out to eat.  I tried to eat somewhat healthy, but I did drink a beer, and ate too much food.  My calorie intake for the day wasn’t too bad, but it was too … Continue reading

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I have an elliptical for cardio, but I need to build some strength also.  I don’t have any weights, and I’m not prepared to buy any now, but partially due to a few guys at the office, I started doing … Continue reading

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No Workout Today

I sat at my computer all day long.  I was working, not just wasting time, but I didn’t manage to sneak in a workout. I ate well today.  My weight has been holding steady for three days in a row … Continue reading

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How Much Do I Need to Eat?

I’ve been talking about raising my calorie intake so that my workouts don’t cause me to start burning the muscle instead of fat.  The trouble is that I can’t seem to eat 1500 calories, and still eat healthy, but yet, … Continue reading

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I’m Back to Losing

I feel great today.  I weighed in at 280.4, the lowest since I started this.  I have worked out harder in the last two days than any other day other than one.  I’m sore, but happy. I’m still unsure what … Continue reading

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Six Days of Nothing

The last six days my weight has fluctuated, but I haven’t seen any lasting loss.  I ate too much yesterday, so I’m not really sure when I’ll see more weight loss. I did work extra hard on the elliptical today.  … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is my daughter’s 16th birthday.  We are having a party today, and a bunch on noisy teenagers will be taking over my house. There will be cake, ice cream, soda, and chips.  I’ll be hiding in my office (that … Continue reading

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